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sábado, noviembre 11, 2006

If you've ever felt used

Gerard Way
De tocar en pequeños auditorios cerca de los suburbios de New Jersey, ahora lo hacen en estadios con capacidades enormes... My Chemical Romance (también conocidos como My Chem o MCR) es una banda americana que se formó en el 2001; el grupo consiste de Gerard Way (voz), Mikey Way (bajo), Bob Bryar (batería), Frank Iero (guitarra), y Ray Toro (guitarra). Mikey Way dijo que el nombre del quinteto lo tomaron del libro Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance, de Irvine Welsh...

Ahora continuamos con la programación basada en el playlist número 69 en Galaxy 94.3 fm Los Mochis radio... sintoniza y escucha hoy desde las 8:15 de la noche y recibe la mejor música de la galaxia...

Del último disco de My Chemical Romance, de nombre The Black Parade, descarga dos mp3 que pertencen al playlist 69 transmitido en Galaxy fm...

My chemical romance - I don't love you.mp3

My chemical romance - Famous last words.mp3

Well, when you go Don't ever think I'll make you try to stay And maybe when you get back I'll be off to find another way And after all this time that you still owe You're still the good-for-nothing I don't know So take your gloves and get out Better get out While you can When you go Would you even turn to say "I don't love you Like I did Yesterday" Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading So sick and tired of all the needless beating But baby when they knock you Down and out It's where you oughta stay And after all the blood that you still owe Another dollar's just another blow So fix your eyes and get up Better get up While you can Whoa, whooa When you go Would you even turn to say "I don't love you Like I did Yesterday" Well come on, come on When you go Would you have the guts to say "I don't love you Like I loved you Yesterday" I don't love you Like I loved you Yesterday I don't love you Like I loved you Yesterday

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At 12 noviembre, 2006 23:00, Blogger indie mom said...


At 05 junio, 2007 20:35, Anonymous Anónimo said...

hola... no creen que gerard es lo mejor que ha haberido en la musicaP

hey ya... don´t you think gerard is the best thing in all the world of music?

i dont think so.... he is the most handsome.... but there are other great voices in spanish..... like panda they´re great....
but i´m here to say how great is MCR


At 08 junio, 2007 08:59, Anonymous Anónimo said...

honestly... PANDA is a great band... but nothing could be compared to gerardway and MCR!!!! and you know it!!
s then don't you even try to compare them.. because they are two bands completely different!! and my chemical romance is a great band!! (so is PANDA) but you can't compare MCR with panda... because the way of thinking of panda and mcr is completely different... well.. not in everything.. but you got me! right?
so FUCK OFF!!!! don't you comke over here to compare mcr with another band!!!! even if that band is panda!! ok??


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