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domingo, marzo 04, 2007

Funciona de ese modo

Gracias por escuchar Galaxy 94.3 fm Los Mochis radio, a pesar de las fallas técnicas... domingo, descansamos antena...

Albert Hammond jr. - Postal blowfish.mp3

noticing the change We are taking time Everybody knows Everybody's fine And we'll figure out Purpose in the end Unless we have to jump Unless we have to swin hold your tongue Brace yourself Give me a kiss Show me what i missed Can i find a phone can i drop a dime Can i get a loan Running out of time And i'll have a toast To what it's all about Unless they move us on Unless they move us out Seven dog legs hung to dry It works that way Postal blowfish make me cry It works that way Begging on the nail don't fail To clue me in, cluster frogs and crabs begin?

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