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sábado, marzo 17, 2007

Mucho verde, mucha fortuna

Día de San Patricio
Queremos agradecer a quien nos sintoniza, especialmente a los que escuchan toda la programación para fin de semana en Galaxy 94.3 fm Los Mochis radio... esta noche de nuevo estaremos llevando hasta tu receptor la mejor música de la galaxia... el sonido superior de Galaxy fm inicia a las 8:15 p.m. hasta que el autómata decida...

Tom Vek - Nothing but green lights.mp3

I can see your eyes from here And I can't see anything in between Everything I thought I ought to know about you Has vanished like the snow When the sun comes out There's nothing but green lights from here Nothing but open roads You and I, are gonna drive ourselves out of this town In a 1989 black Mercedes Benz I can hear your voice from here girl And I can't hear any other sound No need to spend any more time apart That's it, I'm not being left out any more I gotta hold on what's going on I've got my foot in the door So to speak There's nothing but green lights from here There's nothing but green lights from here

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